Est. 1786
The legend says that Peter the Great while sailing down the Don River in May of 1695 to Cherkassk had stayed in Tsimlyankaya. He decided to set up a base and ordered to build two brick warehouses on the hill for storage of military supplies and ship tacking. Impressed by the Don landscape and soils the tsar said: “It’s possible to grow grape here like on the Rhine.” He ordered to bring vines from Astrakhan and some European countries - Hungary,
Germany, and France.

Success Dynamics

In the last five years successful investment policy allowed the company to increase the growth of gross output from 5 to 11 million bottles per year. The area of our vineyards reached 1000 hectares in the same time, which is almost three times bigger than it was in 2006. The same applies to the yield of the grapes, which increased from 1800 to 5500 tons. We invested 10 million USD in modernization in the last 3 years and will continue investing in order to produce highest quality products for our customers.

“Tsimlyansk Wines”

“Tsimlyansk wines” is one of the leaders of the Russian alchohol market and the largest manufacturer of sparkling wines on Don, successor and manufacturer of the first sparkling wine in Russia. Every year we produce about 11 million bottles of sparkling and non sparkling wines. We are the only company in the world using all existing methods of sparkling wine production.

Our Selection

White – Brut

This wine of pale straw color with
very light golden reflection and
abundant tiny bubbles offers
refreshing taste with captivating
aroma of meadow flowers mixed
with subtle hint of sunflower and
citron freshness followed by just
a twist of spicy roughness and
lingering aftertaste.
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White – Semi Dry

The wine of light straw color with
light golden shade and subtle green
tone. The wine is perfectly balanced
and characterized by deep flower
aroma and subtle mineral tones. As
tiny bubbles rise to the top of the
glass, they release complex aroma
and tender flavor.
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White – Semi Sweet

The wine features light straw color
with light golden shade. This wine
is balanced and well defined with
bouquet of grapefruit, lychee (litchi),
exotic flowers, and fruits. Fresh
and fruity taste leads to a pleasant
smooth finish.
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Rose – Semi Dry

Easy-drinking wine, fresh and
delicate, yet possesses a strong
character. The taste is characterized
by notes of green apple and
hawthorn mixed with white almond
and wild cherry.
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Red – Sweet

This wine features clean aroma
with cherry undertone. The taste
is light and refreshing with subtle
cherry finish. Wine enthusiast
will appreciate the toning up effect
of this wine and its antibacterial
properties which confer a garland of
health benefits.
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Saperavi – Semi Sweet

Full-bodied red wine with plenty of
tannins characterized by bouquet
of exotic fruits, mulberries, warm
woody note, touch of saffian and
vanilla. Flavor is dynamic; initially
subtle, it resolves in smooth
richness and continues to unfold
in lingering finish before it finally
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Cabernet Sauvignon

Slightly cedary, complex
multidimensional wine initially
characterized by light and subtle
aroma of black currant and dark
chocolate mixed with intriguing
notes of vanilla and a touch of
saffian, later becomes full-bodied
and rich and at the end results in
rough, yet sweet finish.
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Onegin – Extra Brut

This light and elegant sparkling
wine is produced in accordance with traditional French champagne method and is aged for at least 9  months. During the maturing period this wine garners harmonious taste with mineral tones and subtle fruit, mixed with a flower aroma.
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“Taste Of Victory”

Being a symbol of victory and festival,
this wine is produced in accordance with
the traditional French method (aging
in bottle for not less than 9 months)
from red grape varieties Cabernet and
Pinot Noir, grown in the Don Valley
and revised with accordance to ‘white’
method. After maturity, the wine has
delicate rose color, balanced aroma with
fruity notes, and full-bodied taste. The
wine gives pleasure to connoisseurs of
sparkling wines.
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